Dell vs HP Laptops Comparison: Which One to Choose?

Both Dell and HP are representative and reliable laptop brands that most customers choose because for 2021 they are still among the best. Customers who have used one of these brands for years do not want to trade them for something else, but if you want to buy a laptop for the first time and do not know what to choose, in this article we will compare two quality brands of laptops so you decide which of them for you is preferable.

Dell vs HP: Which Brand to Choose?

Below we will compare dell vs hp according to different criteria, determine their weaknesses and strengths and decide where one brand is superior to the other. Both companies have a great selection of models that are suitable for both work and play.

Dell Design

Dell developers don’t pay much attention to design, so they may not seem as attractive in appearance and they may be too heavy in weight. Perhaps this way the company wants to show that it is important not the outer shell, and what’s inside, because the power and speed Dell impresses and provides smooth gameplay and excellent endurance system for complex work programs.

Parts of Dell

If developers were stingy with quality parts in their laptops, this brand would never be popular. Indeed, the assembly of Dell laptops consists of varied but quality materials, powerful processors and graphics cards, and extensive RAM. So everyone will be able to pick up something to suit their budget.

For example, laptop i5 9th generation is great for work, and for gamers, the Dell Alienware model will be ideal, because it provides a backlit keyboard and a faster processor.

Dell Innovation

This is one of the main characteristics in which Dell and HP are competing, and so far Dell remains the leading brand in this area. The company does not stand still and continues to develop new technologies and designs.

For example, the Dell XPS 13 has advanced significantly in its design with a slim and lightweight interface that is great for graphic designers.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) Design

HP has greatly advanced in its design and the new generation models have started to come out with a silver aluminum body. Laptops have reliable hinges that transform the laptop into a tablet if the situation requires it. So it’s safe to say that in the design battle HP has come out ahead.

The Components of HP

In the construction of the internal parts of laptops, HP loses significantly to Dell. Certainly, some models have characteristics on power equal to Dell, but such a minority, after all, Dell processors are difficult to overtake on quality and reliability. Nevertheless, HP still makes excellent laptops with a high level of battery life.

HP innovations

Of course, HP also excels at developing innovations and many users have surely found their ideal models to use which they would never trade away. But in this aspect, Dell is again overtaking HP, because they are applying more innovation to their products. HP has prioritized improving printers and scanners and has pushed the development of laptops to the back burner.

But still, HP’s models are still the current standard for quality laptops.

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